About Åse Andreassen

I am a 41 year old empathic professional with experience within law, banking and human resources. Check out my LinkedIn profile if you want to get into the details.

I strongly believe that if we work together, we can create synergies and a ripple effect into the world much bigger than ourselves. 

Besides working as a consultant and spending time with my husband and two teenage daughters, I love yoga & mediation, cabin life by the sea, exploring new places, knitting, cats, alpacas and reading books of all kinds. When I was a kid, you would have found me at my room reading the latest book from my local library. I still absolutely love a good book, and books that I can hold in my hands and smell the paper from only!

Are you curious on how to pronounce my name? Think of the word "Awesome", remove some of the letters and there you go: Awe-sé.